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HACIEN gets a thumbs-up from H&N Magazine

HACIEN gets a thumbs-up from H&N Magazine

In case you missed it, HACIEN was spotlighted in a recent article by luxury publication H&N Magazine. We’re big fans of their writing — especially on the constantly evolving UK food and drink scene, and it was great to see such a positive reception for our Blanco, Añejo Cristalino, and Pineapple Blanco varieties.

Following H&N’s recent visit to the HACIEN bar at Harvey Nichols Leeds, it looks like we’ve converted another fan to the quality tequila cause. Having polished off a cocktail, they took a bottle of our Pineapple Blanco home with them! Here’s their verdict after sampling our take on the classic Old Fashioned:   

“I enjoyed a Cristalino Old Fashioned … and was mightily impressed. Mixed using the bold and complex Añejo Cristalino (HACIEN’s premium barrel-aged and charcoal-filtered variant), bitters and sugar, this moreish tipple is a million miles away from the mediocre mixto blends that are so often associated with tequila.”

You can check out the full piece over at H&N’s website: Hacien Tequila Review: Leeds Brand Comes Out Blazing With A Trio Of Exceptional Spirits

And as H&N points out, our 100% agave tequilas make “an excellent gift for tequila-loving friends and family.” With Christmas fast approaching, now’s the time to check out our online store and get your order in. 

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