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Refresh your palate with these clean, crisp HACIEN cocktails.

Refresh your palate with these clean, crisp HACIEN cocktails.

The subtle flavour of HACIEN’s 100% blue agave tequila lends itself to clean, crisp cocktail recipes that won’t overwhelm the palate. We’ve collected our top four recipes for you to try out if you’re looking for something light and refreshing. 

HACIEN Mint & Cucumber Spritz 

Mint and cucumber combine to add a refreshing edge to this Sauvignon Blanc based spritzer, which is given a little extra kick by a measure of our Tequila Blanco and a dash of lime juice. An easy cocktail to prepare and a perfect aperitif for your next dinner party. 

Check out the recipe here: How to make a Mint & Cucumber Spritz 

HACIEN Coconut and Chilli Margarita 

Taking inspiration from the flavours of Thai cuisine, this twist on the classic margarita recipe balances chilli, ginger, coconut and lime to complement the subtle sweetness of HACIEN Tequila Blanco. Double up on the green chilli if you want to add a little extra punch — but don’t go overboard! 


Check out the recipe here: How to make a HACIEN Coconut and Chilli Margarita 

HACIEN Grape & Elderflower Spritz

If you find a glass of bubbly a little one-dimensional on its own, this prosecco-based spritzer will liven up your drinks party. Pairing white grape and elderflower, it’s redolent of summer garden parties but with a Tequila Blanco uplift. Garnish with a freshly picked sprig of mint to add fragrance. 

Check out the recipe here: How to make a HACIEN Grape & Elderflower Spritz 

HACIEN Watermelon Margarita

This easy to prepare Watermelon Margarita brings together zesty lime juice and  sweet, refreshing watermelon with our 100% agave tequila to create a perfect summer drink. Ideal for cooling off around the pool or lazing away the afternoon in the sun. Add a mint sprig and wedge of watermelon for the perfect presentation.

Check out the recipe here: How to make a HACIEN Watermelon Margarita